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Palestinian resistance slams UAE for opening embassy in Tel Aviv
By News Desk - July 16 2021

The Palestinian resistance factions considered the opening of the UAE embassy in Israel “an insistence on the major sin against the Palestinian people.”

The factions said, in a statement this week: “This blatant and announced normalization today is tantamount to giving the occupation justifications for more crime against our people and our Palestinian land, and it is nothing but a free service to the occupation and a legitimization of its aggression against our land and our holy sites.”

The factions strongly condemned this event, pointing out that “the Arab printmakers who have neglected the sacrifices of our nation and relinquished the rights and constants of our people are the occupation’s partners in its continuous and repeated aggression against our people, and the UAE is the head of evil in that.”

The statement stressed, “This act does not represent the will of the living and free peoples,” noting that “this step requires a broad popular movement that overthrows this miserable choice and the new Arab treachery masters, in order to unify the compass of hostility towards the criminal Zionists, and to work hard to support Palestine as a central cause of the nation altogether.

On Wednesday, the UAE opened its embassy in Israel in the presence of Israeli President Isaac Herzog, in an official ceremony.

On June 30, Yair Lapid, the Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, opened an Israeli consulate in Dubai , at a moment described by the Israeli Foreign Ministry as “historic.”

It is noteworthy to mention that Israel and the UAE signed a normalization agreement in September 2020, under the auspices of former U.S. President Donald Trump, who attended the normalization ceremony in Washington.