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Iraq condemns Turkish bombing of Sinjar that killed 12-year-old child
Ankara has carried out several attacks in northern Iraq against targets allegedly belonging to the Kurdistan Workers Party
By News Desk - June 17 2022

(Photo credit: Getty Images)

The Iraqi Foreign Ministry has condemned Turkey’s bombing of the northern province of Sinjar on 15 June, which left several casualties, including a 12-year-old child.

“This act represents a flagrant violation of Iraq’s sovereignty, and a clear threat to the security of civilians,” the foreign ministry said via a statement, and demanded that Baghdad stand firm against any act “aimed at spreading chaos.”

The heartland of Iraq’s Yazidi minority, Sinjar is frequently targeted by Turkish airstrikes against bases belonging to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK).

According to local sources, the strike hit a “municipal council building in Snuny,” a village near the border with Syria.

“A 12-year-old child was killed and six other people were wounded,” the official said, on condition of anonymity. Other reports say at least two civilians died.

For its part, Ankara said it had “neutralized” six senior commanders of the PKK during the attack on a base of Ezidikhan, a Yazidi protection force close to the PKK.

Videos on social media showed plumes of smoke and blazing fires and people fleeing from the attack site.

In April this year, Turkey launched an offensive in northern Iraq, dubbed Operation Claw-Lock, allegedly targeting PKK bases and training camps.

Attacks by Turkey on Iraqi soil have been carried out without the approval of Baghdad.

While Ankara claims that Baghdad supports their military activities against the PKK, the Iraqi government has categorically denied such a statement, confirming there is no cooperation or approval for Turkish military actions inside Iraq.

Late last month, several combat drones struck an illegal Turkish military outpost in northern Iraq.

Three people reportedly died as a result of the attack.

The Turkish military illegally occupies portions of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region (IKR) under the guise of fighting hostile militants from the PKK and other groups in the region.