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UN rapporteur calls for removal of unilateral sanctions on Iran
The cost of the average food basket in Iran has increased more than 3.4 times between 2018 and 2022
By News Desk - September 13 2022

Photo Credit: (Morteza Nikoubazl /The New York Times)

The United Nations special rapporteur on the negative impact of unilateral coercive measures on the enjoyment of human rights, Alena Douhan, said on 12 September that US sanctions have caused great harm to Iranian citizens and called on the United States to lift the unilateral sanctions on Iran.

In her report, published on Monday, Douhan summarized the negative effects of sanctions on the civilian population after several meetings with representatives of various sectors, including health and education.

The UN rapporteur confirmed that unilateral sanctions threaten the quality of life, especially of the most vulnerable people in the country, including those with health issues and refugees. The Islamic Republic hosts more than one million Afghan refugees, who have entered the country during the last eight months.

According to Dohan, the exemptions of sanctions for food and medicine “seemed ineffective and almost non-existent.”

The pharmaceutical industry in Iran has been in a state of instability for the past four years, due to renewed and more aggressive sanctions, affecting patients whose treatment costs have risen dramatically.

According to the report, trade and transfer of medication and medical equipment to Iran were “severely undermined” by sanctions on finance, trade, shipping, insurance, and over-compliance by foreign companies and suppliers.

In conclusion, Douhan called for an end to all sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, which are imposed without the authorization of the UN Security Council.

The United States has imposed many layers of sanctions since 1979, but others, including the European Union, Australia, and Canada, have a history of blacklisting Iran and are mentioned in the report as well.

While Iran could possibly receive some sanction relief with the signing of the Iran nuclear deal, recent efforts by Israel have stalled the negotiations.

The Biden administration and the European Union seemed hopeful at first, as a new deal could free up to 1 million barrels of oil for a supply-deprived energy market, but both the United States and the E3 countries (Great Britain, Germany, and France) have since backtracked.

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