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The Cradle
Israel installs remote-controlled weapon at Hebron checkpoint
The Israeli weapons industry is know to test its newly developed technology on Palestinians, before exporting it to other countries
By News Desk - September 26 2022

The remote-control weapon was installed in an area where many extremist Israeli settlers live on Shuhada Street (Photo credit: Youth Against Settlements / Issa Amro).

According to a report published by Israeli news outlet Haaretz on 26 September, the Israeli occupation army has installed a new remote-controlled weapons system at the Shuhada Street checkpoint in Hebron, West Bank.

The remote-controlled system is used in “preparations for confronting those disrupting order,” according to an Israeli military spokesperson quoted by Haaretz.  

The system was built by Smart Shooter to shoot sponge-tipped bullets, tear gas, and stun grenades at targets without exposing soldiers to any risk. According to the spokesperson of the Israeli military, Israel is “examining the possibility of using remotely controlled systems for the employment of approved measures of crowd dispersal.” 

“Any failure of this technology could impact many people,” explained Issa Amro, the founder of Youth Against Settlements, speaking to Haaretz. “The system was placed in the center of a heavily populated area, with hundreds of people passing by,” emphasized Amro.

According to Amro, installing this type of weapon is “part of a transition from human to technological control.” Amro added that for Israel, Palestinians are used as experiments for their “military hi-tech industry.”

Just last week, on 22 September, Israel and the United Arab Emirates signed their first advanced-weapons deal. This is the first arms deal signed between both countries and comes after the normalization of relations in 2020 when both countries signed the Abraham accords.

Despite the claims made at the 77th UN General Assembly by Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid to support a two-state solution between Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, the reality is that Israel has been on a decade-long illegal expansion into Palestinian territory. 

Just between 30 August and 12 September, the Israeli occupation forces demolished at least 47 Palestinian structures in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, according to a report published on 16 September. 

On 19 September, Channel 12, quoted military sources saying that the Israeli occupation forces were close to a massive and comprehensive incursion inside the northern West Bank.

“Israel will take intensive measures,” stated the Hebrew media outlet. Adding that “the only reason for not having the same number of Israeli victims as there was in the ‘terrorist’ wave in March is due to the successful countermeasures.” 

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