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The Cradle
Israel raises state of alert, deploys automated weapons in the occupied West Bank
Retaliatory attacks by Palestinians in the West Bank have seen an uptick in recent months in response to the abuses of the Israeli army
By News Desk - November 16 2022

(Photo credit: AP)

The Israeli army on 15 November ordered the West Bank Military Division to raise the state of alert in the occupied West Bank for 72 hours in anticipation of retaliatory operations by Palestinian groups targeting Israeli settlers and soldiers.

Earlier on Tuesday, a stabbing operation left three Israelis dead and another three injured near the Ariel settlement.

According to the Israeli army, the attacker stabbed a security guard near the Ariel Industrial Park before stabbing three settlers at a nearby petrol station and another settler near the Route 5 Highway.

Following the attack, the Chief of Staff of the Israeli army, Aviv Kochavi, said it “should have ended differently,” adding that the occupation army “will investigate the incident and learn from it.”

“The army will continue Operation Break the Wave as long as it is necessary and will work anywhere and at any time, in order to carry out its mission and maintain a sense of security for the population,” Kochavi went on to say.

Over recent months, occupation authorities have been faced with a string of Palestinian resistance operations in the occupied West Bank. A previous one occurred on the evening of 29 October at the Kiryat Arba settlement in the West Bank city of Hebron.

To confront the retaliatory attacks, Tel Aviv has deployed robotic weapons that can fire tear gas, stun grenades, and sponge-tipped bullets at Palestinian citizens in the Al-Aroub refugee camp.

A month ago, the Israeli army installed the same automated weapons in Hebron. Officials declined to comment on plans to deploy the system elsewhere in the West Bank.

Thanks to a $1.2 billion contract with US tech giants Google and Amazon, Israel has acquired advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning tools that are expected to worsen human rights abuses in occupied Palestine.

Earlier this year, Israeli media revealed that occupation troops are required to capture and enter the pictures and details of at least 50 Palestinians during their shift into the so-called ‘Blue Wolf’ facial recognition system.

‘Blue Wolf’ works as a smartphone application and is described as the occupation army’s secret “Facebook for Palestinians.”

The app captures photos of Palestinians’ faces and matches them to an extensive database of images, flashing in different colors to alert soldiers if a person is to be detained, arrested, or left alone.

This information is then fed into a more complex system called the ‘Wolf Pack,’ which contains the personal data of almost all Palestinians living in the occupied West Bank, including their photographs, family histories, level of education, ID number, age, gender, close associates, and a security rating for each person.

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