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Rocket targets Turkish military base in Iraq
The base is used by Turkey in its military operations against the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK)
By News Desk - December 28 2021

Turkish troops in Iraq’s northern Metina region. (Photo credit: Reuters)

On 28 December, Iraq-based Shafaq news outlet reported that a rocket was fired towards a Turkish military base in northern Iraq.

According to Shafaq, the rocket landed close to the Zlikan base located northeast of the city of Mosul. No material damage or casualties were recorded. The report added that Iraqi security  forces launched an investigation to determine where the rocket was fired from.

No group has claimed responsibility so far.

The Zlikan base has been targeted by rockets several times in recent months. On 7 November, several rockets were fired at the base. The base was also hit by projectiles on 12 August.

The illegal military base has been a source of contention between the Ankara and Baghdad. The government of Iraq says that the presence of the military base and Turkish troops on Iraqi territory is a violation of the sovereignty of the country.

Ankara, on the other hand, insists that its troops are in the country to confront the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK) which Turkey has designated a terrorist organization.

In May 2021, the Foreign Ministry of Iraq summoned the chargé d’affaires of the Turkish embassy in Baghdad over the unauthorized visit of top Turkish military officials to the base.

Despite protests by the government of Iraq against the incursions by the Turkish army onto Iraqi territory, Ankara has made it clear that it has no intention of ending cross-border military operations.

On 26 October, the parliament of Turkey approved a motion submitted by the office of the president proposing to extend the military operations in Syria and Turkey by two years.

The PKK and the government of Turkey have been at war for nearly three decades. The war has killed more than 35,000 people and injured tens of thousands. The PKK aims to create an independent state in northeastern Turkey.

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