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The Cradle
New clashes reported between SDF and ISIS fighters in Syria’s Hasakah
US warplanes have continued to launch airstrikes in Hasakah despite the announcement on 26 January that the SDF had regained control of Ghweran prison
By News Desk - January 27 2022

(Photo credit: Newsdelivers)

Local sources in Syria’s northeast city of Hasakah reported on 27 January that US warplanes continued to launch airstrikes on the neighborhoods surrounding Ghweran prison, just one day after Kurdish officials announced they had retaken control of the prison from ISIS militants.

Clashes were also reported for the seventh day in a row between the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and ISIS fighters in and around the prison, with some reports claiming that the extremist group is using tunnels previously dug by the SDF to hide.

At the same time, SDF and US armored vehicles have launched a campaign of raids and searches of civilian homes from the Al-Layliyah neighborhood all the way to Al-Nashwa al-Sharqiah neighborhood in Hasakah city.

Local sources also say that over 20 civilian homes have been bulldozed by the SDF in several neighborhoods close to Ghweran prison. On top of this, the US airstrikes have leveled a number of government buildings and schools.

The reports came just hours after Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN, Bassam Sabbagh, blamed Washington for the violence that has gripped Hasakah since 20 January, when ISIS militants launched an all-out assault on the SDF-run prison.

Speaking at a UN Security Council (UNSC) session, Sabbagh said that Washington is seeking to “revive” ISIS in northeast Syria in order to justify the illegal presence of its troops in the oil-rich region.

The Syrian diplomat went on to say that the recent events in Hasakah require the UNSC to “work toward putting an end to the presence of US occupation forces in northeast Syria and the Southern Al-Tanf region.”

He also demanded an end of US support for the SDF and other armed groups in control of northern Syria, which are “wreaking havoc across Syrian territories.”

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