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Yemeni government, Ansarallah slam US deployment in Red Sea
Yemeni officials say the US presence in the Red Sea contradicts their claims to be in support of the truce between Yemen and Saudi Arabia
By News Desk - April 16 2022

(Photo credit: Mohammed Huwais/AFP via Getty Images)

The US decision to deploy a naval task force in the Red Sea has been firmly condemned by both Yemen’s National Salvation Government and the Ansarallah resistance movement.

Mohammed Abdulsalam, Ansarallah official and head of the Yemeni national delegation, wrote on Twitter that the US deployment “aims to perpetuate the state of aggression and siege against Yemen.”

This runs contrary to the claims made by Washington that it supports the truce, Abdulsalam added.

The spokesperson for the National Salvation Government, Daifallah al-Shami, said that “the field data and the negative interaction by the US-Saudi aggression with the truce, showing no signs of implementing until today, and the American move in the Red Sea gives a bleak outlet of this truce.”

On 14 April, Fifth Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Brad Cooper announced that the US navy will set up a new multinational task force to patrol the Red Sea, the Bab al-Mandab Strait, and the Gulf of Aden on the coast of Yemen.

“These are strategically important waters that warrant our attention,” Cooper said in a call with reporters.

The US move to patrol the Red Sea comes as Saudi Arabia continues to violate the two-month truce brokered by the UN.

On 15 April, the Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) announced that a fuel ship that was cleared by the UN was illegally seized by the Saudi coalition and prevented from entering the Port of Hodeidah.

That incident marked the third time such a seizure of fuel ships has taken place since the truce, which states that the coalition must allow fuel ships to enter into Yemeni territory. The recent seizure came one day after the US navy announcement of its Red Sea deployment.

Washington has deployed its navy in the Red Sea to reassure Saudi Arabia and the UAE of its commitment to support their war on Yemen. The US will do this by providing additional military support following retaliatory missile and drone attacks launched by the Yemeni armed forces on the Gulf nations.

The US decision came as both Riyadh and Abu Dhabi recently pushed back against Washington’s demands to increase oil output, amid a global fuel crisis.

The lack of humanitarian aid and essential goods, such as fuel and food, into the country due to the blockade of Yemen has caused what the UN calls “one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time.”

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