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The Cradle
Israeli troops evict Muslim worshippers from Al-Aqsa to make way for extremist settlers
Far-right Israeli groups and politicians have been calling for the demolition of the Muslim holy site to make way for a new Jewish temple
By News Desk - September 26 2022

(Photo credit: Twitter)

Israeli soldiers escorted dozens of extremist settlers into the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque through the Mughrabi gate on the morning of 26 September, forcing Muslim worshippers out of the holy site as they performed dawn prayers.

Israeli troops also attacked Palestinian journalists covering the incursion in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem.

As a result of the hostilities, at least two Palestinians needed medical attention, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society.

The latest breach of Al-Aqsa Mosque comes in celebration of the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah, which began on Sunday.

Over the past weeks, several Jewish supremacist groups urged settlers to storm the mosque during Rosh Hashanah, while Palestinian resistance groups have said that worshippers must maintain a presence at the complex to protect it from attack.

Just last week, far-right Israeli member of the Knesset (MK), Itamar Ben Gvir, stormed Al-Aqsa and toured its courtyards under the protection of Israeli police. Ben Gvir has openly supported plans to demolish Al-Aqsa in order to build a third Jewish temple.

According to the Palestinian news agency WAFA, Israel has banned over 100 Palestinians from either being at Al-Aqsa Mosque or even in Jerusalem, in order to facilitate the storming of the holy site by supremacist groups.

For its part, the Gaza-based resistance group Hamas warned of “repercussions” over these incursions. Yemeni resistance group Ansarallah also recently warned that its long-range arsenal is ready to defend Al-Aqsa and occupied East Jerusalem.

Palestinian news agency Sama recently revealed that nearly 50,000 extremist settlers raided Al-Aqsa Mosque between September 2021 and September 2022.

According to the far-right “Temple Mount Administration,” this is a 65 percent increase compared to the previous year.

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