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Hacker group ‘Moses Staff’ leak new, sensitive Israeli military data
Different hackers have launched various cyber attacks on Israeli military infrastructure
By News Desk - November 14 2021

An anonymous hacker group known as Moses Staff has hacked into Israel’s cybersecurity system, launching a large operation to release 22 TB of 3D (three-dimensional) files into the public domain in the early hours of 14 November.

The group announced that the new tranche of 3D files contain sensitive, militarily-relevant images from Israel.

The group issued a published statement, stating: “The international community is striving to ensure the safety of the criminal Zionist government. For instance, restricting access to aerial photos and maps is an effort to do this. However, we’ve been able to penetrate the cyber-infrastructure of the criminal Zionist government and access 22 TB 3D files of all Israel to an accuracy of 5cm. In addition, we have a little surprise for IDF in the video.”

These 3D images are used to create maps for training by the Israeli military.  The maps are also used by advanced armies across the world. The US military, for example, has created a 3D database, including battle maps for their operations.

Specialized mapping allows soldiers to train virtually for battles, viewing every detail on the ground, even the species of trees. The virtual reality experience in 3D mapping can also aid them in choosing alternate routes when trapped.

Moses Staff also released a video to show the level of access they have gained to Israel’s secret projects. The video shows part of the Ofek project, known as “The Broad Horizon” project.

The Broad Horizon Project is carried out by the Israeli Defence Ministry to create a multidimensional base to deploy all the required units in the center of occupied Palestine, while carrying out simplification processes during implementation.

This is an open camp that mainly consists of office buildings next to service units. The project is a part of the approved bill in 2015 to decentralize the Israeli military.

Moses Staff says the real intention behind the hackings is to reveal the true nature of the “criminal Zionist government.”

They also leaked pictures of 16 Israeli military officers, with their names, real and cover identities, as well as ID numbers and phone numbers.

Reportedly, these officers serve in Unit 8200 of the army.

Cyberattacks against Israeli government and security institutions have spiked recently.  Another independent group called ‘Justice Palestine’ also just hacked the country’s cyber infrastructure, gaining access to former Mossad chief, Yossi Cohen’s phone number.

Cohen was the Israeli top agent who proposed the original plan to assassinate Iranian nuclear scientist, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh on 27 November 2020.

As reported by several media outlets, Cohen took the original plan to then-US President, Donald Trump, and then-CIA chief, Gina Haspel, briefing them about the assassination.

Justice Palestine posted Cohen’s phone number online, as well as the phone numbers of his daughter and her husband.

Israelis have not yet commented on these attacks. Reports indicate that Israeli officials have issued an unofficial gag order to play down the cyber attacks and contain the leaks.

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