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Ceyda Karan
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Ceyda Karan, born in 1970, studied Journalism at Istanbul University. Throughout her career she has worked at well known Turkish newspapers and tv channels. She is one of the leading journalists who focused on foreign policy field in Turkey. She worked as chief editor of foreign news and commentator at newspapers like Radikal Daily and Cumhuriyet (Republic) Daily, which is the oldest and most influential in Turkey. She also worked for tv channels like Kanal D, Haberturk TV, Halk TV and Tele1. She has been writing weekly columns on global affairs for 20 years. Currently she is a commentator at Turkish independent newspaper Birgün Daily and works as presenter and commentator on RSFM (Sputnik Turkish Radio); has a news show called ‘Eksen’ (Axis).
Former Turkish Black Sea Commander: Erdogan is bartering away Turkey’s national interests
Turkey's former Black Sea Commander, Rear Admiral Türker Ertürk, tells us why his country's policies in Cyprus, Libya, Afghanistan and West Asia are so erratic – for one, President Erdogan's "outdated ideology" and its servile need to placate the West to the detriment of Turkish national interests.
BY Ceyda Karan Aug 10, 2021