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Radwan Murtada is a Beirut-based journalist who has written for Al Akhbar since 2007 and has contributed to many foreign media outlets on political, criminal, social and judiciary affairs in Lebanon and the wider region. Radwan is a specialist on Islamic jihadist groups, and honed his connections and craft during the Syrian conflict, interviewing both Al Qaeda and ISIS leaders for various outlets. He is the founder of Blue House Film, a Beirut production company specializing in documentaries, and is the author of the book "How the Syrian Revolution Grew its Beard." In 2020, he founded "The Hub" with a group of regional journalists and producers that provides news and media services to foreign journalists covering West Asia.
Why are Lebanon’s military judges releasing dozens of Israeli spies?
Hundreds of Lebanese detainees have been released, despite the serious charges of espionage on behalf of Israel
BY Radwan Mortada Aug 16, 2022
The Saudi Captagon problem is not a Lebanese one
While Lebanon is indeed one source of the Captagon drug trade to Saudi Arabia, Riyadh entirely ignores the basic economics that have made it a hub for this nasty narcotic.
BY Radwan Mortada Jun 22, 2022
Dollars for democracy: Corruption was the real winner in Lebanon’s election
Bribing desperate voters during an economic crisis may have led to Lebanon’s parliamentary impasse. If candidates are bought, how can the country fix anything?
BY Radwan Mortada Jun 02, 2022
Will Lebanon’s Arab tribes fill Saudi Arabia’s ‘Hariri void’ in upcoming elections?
The Arab Tribe Federation of Lebanon has grown into a powerful political force that may be poised to replace the Future Movement as Saudi Arabia’s main Sunni political ally. 
BY Radwan Mortada Mar 28, 2022
Saudi Arabia declares war on Lebanon: What made Mohammad bin Salman lose his mind?
The Saudi escalation against Lebanon is not due to some misplaced words by a senior official; it is part of a premeditated plan to regain control over Lebanon, using upcoming elections as a springboard
BY Radwan Mortada Nov 01, 2021