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Ambassador MK Bhadrakumar was a career diplomat for three decades in the Indian Foreign Service with multi-year assignments in the former Soviet Union, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey. MK writes extensively on the geopolitics of Eurasia, China, West Asia and US strategies. He is a columnist at The Cradle, writes a popular blog called Indian Punchline, and is a syndicated columnist worldwide.
US 'coercive diplomacy' with Saudi Arabia
While a carrot may advance US interests infinitely better than a stick at this sensitive juncture in US-Saudi relations, all indications are that Biden will resort to the stick.
By MK Bhadrakumar May 07, 2022
Iran makes gains as Israel, Turkey test Moscow's limits on Ukraine
Under pressure to side with the west on Ukraine, Israel and Turkey risk falling out with Russia – which will benefit Iran in the long-term.
By MK Bhadrakumar Apr 25, 2022
US ousts Imran Khan but his revolutionary narrative endures
Washington has reactivated old cronies in Islamabad to unseat PM Imran Khan, but the latter has sown seeds of immense dissatisfaction with the old guard and their US backers within the Pakistani public. And Khan's domestic and foreign allies will not sit by idly either.
By MK Bhadrakumar Apr 05, 2022
In snub to Washington, UAE reaches out to Russia
Washington's geopolitical cards are dwindling rapidly. The high-level UAE visit to Moscow this week has consolidated OPEC+ support for Russia in the energy war now raging between east and west.
By MK Bhadrakumar Mar 18, 2022
At Moscow meeting, Russia and Iran choreograph new moves
Tehran and Moscow appear to have dispensed with thorny setbacks to their relationship and look set to strike comprehensive new bilateral and multilateral arrangements
By MK Bhadrakumar Mar 16, 2022