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Karim Shami works at The Cradle and is a walking encyclopedia on Yemen.
The ultimate explainer to Lebanon’s 2022 elections
Even the Lebanese struggle to understand the mechanics of their elections. So The Cradle has provided a handy guide to understand the basics.
BY Karim Shami May 10, 2022
Blood and oil: why Saudi Arabia will be bombed until the siege on Yemen is lifted
Riyadh refused Washington's pressure to increase oil production, then faced blistering attacks on its oil facilities and infrastructure from Yemen. Under increasing pressure to end its siege on Yemen, what will the Saudis do?
BY Karim Shami Mar 30, 2022
Territorial snatch-back: Will the Yemen war migrate to Saudi Arabia?
Yemen's resistance shocked the region when it launched retaliatory strikes on UAE cities. Ansarallah's next external move could be no less than recapturing Yemen's northern provinces from Saudi Arabia.
BY Karim Shami Feb 22, 2022
The UAE clock is ticking in Yemen
MbZ needed Yemen's southern ports and waterways to underpin his 'Maritime Empire' and extend his security realm. But now the Yemeni resistance is set to blow a hole in those plans.
BY Karim Shami Jan 04, 2022
Buckle up: Yemen is about to deliver a Saudi lesson
Every time the Saudis bomb Sanaa, the Yemeni resistance retaliates against Riyadh's strategic vulnerabilities. With non-stop strikes on Yemen's capital city today, brace yourself for a big Saudi explosion.
BY Karim Shami Dec 06, 2021