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Hasan Ünal
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Dr. Hasan Ünal, full professor at the Department of Political Science and International Relations in Maltepe University, Istanbul, is a history graduate of Istanbul University. He did his M.A. at in the Department of History at Hacettepe University in Ankara before he set off to do his Ph.D. at Manchester University in Britain between 1986 and 1993 on political/diplomatic history. Hasan teaches European Political History, Turkish Foreign Policy: past and present, West Asian Politics, and Balkans Politics. He has published extensively on Turkish foreign policy-related matters. Hasan is a frequent current events commentator on Turkey and the wider region, and often writes op-eds for international media , including the Financial Times, Die Zeit, the Spectator and others.
Peace with Syria: The final piece in Turkey’s foreign policy puzzle
Ankara has managed to reset relations with several neighbors, yet normalization with Damascus has remained the most elusive, until recently. Why now? And what will it take?
BY Hasan Unal Aug 15, 2022
Breaking the impasse: How a Turkish–Russian deal could light up the way
A Turkish-Russian Grand Bargain to trade support of northern Cyprus for Crimea and Syria might well flip the dynamic in West Asia. Both would gain and NATO would flail. But is it possible?
BY Hasan Unal Aug 06, 2021