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Kit Klarenberg
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Kit Klarenberg is a British investigative journalist whose work explores the role of intelligence services in shaping politics and perceptions.
Britain’s surveillance of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon, under the guise of ‘counter-terrorism’
A follow-up exposé into the British Foreign Office’s clandestine operations across Lebanon’s 12 Palestinian refugee camps to undermine the sovereignty of the state
BY Kit Klarenberg Jul 27, 2022
Leaked files expose Britain’s covert infiltration of Palestinian refugee camps
Under the guise of improving the plight of Lebanon’s Palestinian refugees, an initiative by the British Foreign Office has ulterior motives that impact Lebanese domestic politics.
BY Kit Klarenberg Apr 13, 2022
‘Rotten to the core:’ How Israel influenced British policy on Hamas
Israel now controls British Foreign policy through a highly-infiltrated, ferociously active network of organizations, campaigners, and relationships
BY Kit Klarenberg Dec 13, 2021
Handing out sweets: How British propaganda steers events in West Asia
Whitehall contractor, Global Strategy Network, is founded and led by an MI6 veteran. Its West Asia propaganda operations include the Soleimani assassination and Syrian psyops, placing the lives of its local hires at great risk.
BY Kit Klarenberg Oct 20, 2021
Double cross: how Lebanon’s military intelligence spies for London
Torchlight, a British security contractor with high-level security clearances from the UK government, has access to the Lebanese Army's military intelligence unit and its data files on Lebanese citizens. Why would a sovereign nation tolerate this foreign penetration of its most sensitive intel establishment?
BY Kit Klarenberg Sep 28, 2021