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Firas Al-Shoufi
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Firas Al-Shoufi is a political and security affairs writer and a journalist at Lebanon's daily Al Akhbar newspaper.
Hezbollah’s drones: No more safe skies for Israel
Revolutions in drone warfare by Lebanon’s resistance will have serious ramifications for the security of Israel’s airspace and infrastructure.
By Firas Al-Shoufi Jul 26, 2022
An American ploy to pump stolen Palestinian gas into Lebanese homes?
The American offer to supply Lebanon's energy needs via an Arab Pipeline through Egypt, Jordan and Syria has one glaring downside. It will likely be Israeli gas lighting up Lebanon's grids.
By Firas Al-Shoufi Oct 13, 2021
Arab states edge closer to reconciliation with Syria
The traditional position of Damascus as regional mediator has been sorely missed in tumultuous West Asia. Now Arab states are lining up to re-establish relations with Syria, but face a hard American veto on diplomacy.
By Firas Al-Shoufi Sep 06, 2021