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Abdelrahman Nassar
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Abdelrahman Nasser is a Palestinian journalist and commentator living in Beirut since 2014. He produces documentaries and publishes books as well.
Israel’s flag march: Will it trigger the inevitable war in Palestine?
Israel is desperate to re-establish the 'deterrence equation' it lost last May, while the Palestinian resistance intends to do everything necessary to maintain and advance it.
BY Abdelrahman Nassar May 28, 2022
Hamas: despite spoilers, Resistance Axis direction solidifies
Hamas has decided to upgrade its relations with the Resistance Axis to a "strategic relationship," but Meshaal and the Salafist current remain spoilers
BY Abdelrahman Nassar Feb 17, 2022
Israel’s secret war on the ‘48 Palestinians
Inside the 1948 borders of the Israeli occupation, Palestinians are anything but ‘ordinary citizens’, and anger is rising against Israeli ploys to criminalize their communities
BY Abdelrahman Nassar Jan 20, 2022
Christmas in Gaza…or else
The Palestinian resistance has issued a firm year-end deadline for Israel and its allies to wrap up long-delayed peace initiatives, or face a confrontation.
BY Abdelrahman Nassar Dec 10, 2021
Resistance threatens to take more Israeli captives if prisoner swap stalls
The Palestinian resistance threatens to capture more Israeli operatives if Tel Aviv does not advance a mass prisoner exchange deal
BY Abdelrahman Nassar Nov 15, 2021