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Yeghia Tashjian
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Yeghia Tashjian is an associate fellow at the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs at the American University of Beirut and a West Asia-South Caucasus expert in the European Geopolitical Forum.
Can Iran push Russia to action in the South Caucasus?
Moscow and Tehran’s mutual ally, Armenia, is feeling the pressure of NATO-backed Azerbaijan’s assault on its sovereignty. It is in both countries' geopolitical and security interests not to allow Yerevan to fall
BY Yeghia Tashjian Sep 18, 2022
How the US controls Lebanon’s energy supply
Far from helping Lebanon solve its acute energy crisis, the US is leveraging Egypt’s gas supply to pressure Beirut over US-brokered maritime border talks with Israel
BY Yeghia Tashjian Aug 19, 2022
Iran in South Caucasus: Turning losses into wins
Determined not to be cut out of the South Caucasus, Iran is forging strategic ties with both Baku and Yerevan
BY Yeghia Tashjian Jul 11, 2022
Will Azerbaijan become a NATO pawn against Russia in South Caucasus?
Despite its recent 'alliance' upgrade with Russia, Azerbaijan wears many geopolitical masks and could play Trojan horse for Moscow's NATO adversaries
BY Yeghia Tashjian Jun 12, 2022
Testing the waters: Could Turkey’s Russian relations sink over Ukraine?
Neither friend nor foe, Turkey and Russia have backed opposing sides in several regional conflicts, yet managed to avoid direct confrontation. Now the Ukraine crisis poses a serious challenge.
BY Yeghia Tashjian Mar 22, 2022