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Yeghia Tashjian
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Yeghia Tashjian is an associate fellow at the Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs at the American University of Beirut and a West Asia-South Caucasus expert in the European Geopolitical Forum.
Testing the waters: Could Turkey's Russian relations sink over Ukraine?
Neither friend nor foe, Turkey and Russia have backed opposing sides in several regional conflicts, yet managed to avoid direct confrontation. Now the Ukraine crisis poses a serious challenge.
By Yeghia Tashjian Mar 22, 2022
Russia opens doors for Iran's Eurasian integration
Raisi and Putin's January meeting may have seemed anticlimactic, but Russia is now opening doors for Iran's Eurasian integration
By Yeghia Tashjian Feb 01, 2022
A silent Turkish-Russian standoff in Kazakhstan
Turkey's dream of a common army for Turkic countries may have been dashed by the quick Russian-led CSTO operation to subdue violent unrest in Kazakhstan early this year.
By Yeghia Tashjian Jan 20, 2022
Frenemies: Russia and Turkey's 'cooperative rivalry'
Russia and Turkey are often mistakenly cast as allies. Their active rivalry in some of Eurasia's biggest zones of conflict is only likely to grow as Ankara seeks a seat at the Big Table.
By Yeghia Tashjian Nov 25, 2021