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Mohammad Salami
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Dr. Mohammad Salami holds a PhD in International Relations. He is a specialist in West Asian policy, particularly in Syria, Iran, Yemen, and the Persian Gulf region. His areas of expertise include politics and governance, security, and counterterrorism. He writes as an analyst and columnist in various media outlets.
'Mutually Assured Development': a winning formula for Iran-Saudi rapprochement
Restoring diplomatic ties between Iran and Saudi Arabia will not only benefit both countries economically, but can help stabilize global oil prices and end the war in Yemen.
By Mohammad Salami May 03, 2022
Why the UAE is shrugging off Washington's diktats
When the UAE cast an abstaining vote on a US-backed UNSC resolution to condemn Russia, all hell broke loose. But Abu Dhabi is increasingly refusing to 'take sides' for Washington, and now insists on pursuing its own priorities.
By Mohammad Salami Mar 13, 2022
An Israeli attack on Iran: True threat or hollow rhetoric?
The Israelis have neither the capabilities nor the resources to strike multiple Iranian nuclear sites, but the threats to do so keep mounting
By Mohammad Salami Feb 07, 2022
Saudi Arabia and the UAE: Two rival allies
Once staunch allies, MbS and MbZ can't seem to see eye-to-eye on regional matters anymore, and so a competition for primacy is underway.
By Mohammad Salami Dec 16, 2021