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Léa Azzi
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Léa El-Azzi is a Beirut based journalist, specialized in financial and political-economic affairs. Léa worked as a journalist at the widely-read Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar newspaper between 2012 and 2021. In May 2021, she co-founded The Station YouTube channel with a group of fellow journalists and content creators.
Ukraine war triggers food security crisis in Arab world and beyond
Russia and Ukraine supply most of West Asia and North Africa’s wheat, which is the integral ingredient in the region’s most critical food staple
BY Léa Azzi Mar 15, 2022
Banks behaving badly: Lebanon’s financial sector goes rogue
The IMF says some Lebanese banks are liquid enough to pay 100 percent of the value of deposits up to $200,000. But no government body will force banks to pay depositors or restructure this collapsed sector.
BY Léa Azzi Feb 18, 2022
To survive, Lebanon needs to get real
As Lebanon's economy continues plunging, it needs to look beyond 'aid and bailouts' to craft a longterm economic plan with friendly neighbors
BY Léa Azzi Jan 18, 2022
Riad Salameh: Washington’s man in Lebanon; a suspect in Europe 
Europe has launched a flurry of criminal investigations into the United States' most valuable Lebanese financial asset, the country's Central Bank Governor
BY Léa Azzi Dec 22, 2021