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Erman Çete
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Erman Çete is a Turkish journalist and co-author of the book titled "AKP's Dirty Wars in Wikileaks Documents," in Turkish. He wrote his master's thesis on the Lebanese-Palestinian jihadists in the Syrian War.
Weaponization of water: Turkey flexes its muscles over Syria and Iraq
The Euphrates, West Asia’s longest river, is the source of current and future conflicts between Turkey and its neighbors as Ankara strives to project power in the region
BY Erman Çete Aug 22, 2022
Syrian refugees in Turkey: From opportunity to Achilles heel
Even though Turkey's massive refugee problem is a direct consequences of the AKP's Syria policy, both the government and the opposition try to avoid its solution: ending the war in Syria.
BY Erman Çete Jun 23, 2022
Turkey swings west: the Ukraine war and domestic elections
Ankara’s rapprochement with the US has been accelerated by events in Ukraine. These ties will also shape Turkey domestically, with or without a 2023 Erdogan electoral win.
BY Erman Çete May 17, 2022
Israel and Turkey: a return to opportunism
Last month's reset in Turkish-Israeli relations coincides with several geopolitical developments that bring the two countries even closer together.
BY Erman Çete Apr 06, 2022
Turkey: Nerve center for ISIS fugitives, weapons, finance
In Turkey, convicted ISIS members roam free and their weapons easily cross borders. Even Turkish intelligence admits Turkey has become the nerve center of ISIS activity.
BY Erman Çete Feb 28, 2022