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Yousef Fares
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Youssef Fares is a freelance writer and journalist from Gaza. Worked as a reporter for a number of international newspapers and channels. He specializes in resistance affairs.
In the West Bank, Resistance rises as the PA crumbles
The Palestinian resistance factions of the West Bank are no longer fractured and in disarray, and the results speak for themselves
BY Yousef Fares Sep 20, 2022
Weaponizing jobs: the bait in Israel’s ‘carrot and bomb’ policy
Not satisfied with trying to wedge divisions between resistance factions, Israel aims to pit Gazans against the resistance through economic persuasion and coercion.
BY Yousef Fares Aug 12, 2022
Time for Palestine to claim its stolen gas
Hezbollah has threatened Israel with war if Lebanon is not allowed to exploit its share in the Karish gas field. Now, the Palestinian resistance may do the same over their “stolen gas” off the Gaza Strip.
BY Yousef Fares Jul 22, 2022