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William Van Wagenen
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William Van Wagenen is a writer for the Libertarian Institute. He has written extensively on the Syrian war, with a specific focus on the role of US planners in sparking and exacerbating the conflict. William holds a master’s degree in Theological Studies from Harvard University and survived a kidnapping in the Sinjar region of Iraq in 2007.
Saad Hariri and the collapse of Lebanon
The Syrian regime-change war and Lebanon's economic collapse happened under Saad Hariri's watch, but the Future Movement leader is seldom mentioned for the pivotal role he played in Lebanon's unravelling
BY William Van Wagenen Sep 12, 2022
For 18 months, as ISIS advanced, the US did nothing to stop them
Collusion with terror: For 18 months, until the Russian Air Force entered Syrian skies, the US did absolutely nothing to stop ISIS from taking over swathes of Syria and Iraq
BY William Van Wagenen Sep 02, 2022