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Karin Kneissl
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Dr. Karin Kneissl is an energy analyst and author of 14 books on energy related and other topics. She was Austria's Foreign Minister from 2017-2019 and served 10 years in the foreign service. Fluent in Classical Arabic, among other languages, Karin currently lives in Lebanon where she is working on an upcoming book.
The EU’s energy security now rests in Turkey’s hands
Europe has sought to bypass Russian gas with disastrous results. Turkey, which has been positioning itself as an energy hub for the past two decades, is set to reap the benefits
BY Karin Kneissl Oct 24, 2022
Global finance vs global energy: who will come out on top?
There is more to the current struggle between the oil-consuming west and the oil-producing nations than meets the eye and it runs far deeper than the war in Ukraine
BY Karin Kneissl Oct 13, 2022