Israel launches multi-wave aerial attack on Syria, injuring a child
The attack comes as Israel faces global scrutiny for killing journalist Shireen Abu Aqla and attacking people during her funeral procession
By News Desk - May 14 2022

Aftermath of strikes on Masyaf, Syria on 13 May 2022. (Photo credit: @daraa_net_2020 / Twitter)

Israel launched yet another round of aerial attacks on Syria in the late hours of 13 May. The attacks killed several Syrian Arab Army air defense crew members. In total, five people were killed, including one civilian; and seven people were injured, among them a child.

The airstrikes hit Masyaf, Syria in four waves of attacks. According to Syrian state news agency SANA, “the Israeli enemy launched an aggressive airstrike with bursts of missiles from over the Mediterranean, west of Banias, targeting some points in the central region.”

Syrian air defenses were able to down most of the missiles.

According to reports, Syrian air defenses were on high alert, which forced Israeli fighter jets to repeat their attacks in multiple waves due to the deterrence of Syrian air defense systems.

The Israeli air force was able to destroy one of the air defense vehicles after it ran out of ammunition, leading to the deaths of the Syrian army crew.

At least 26 out of the 32 Israeli missiles were intercepted by Syrian air defenses, which included the Pantsir, BUK, S-200, and S-125 systems.

The airstrikes led to the death of one civilian and the injury of a little girl.

The Israelis launched another attack on 11 May in Qunietra.

According to military sources, the attack occurred near the town of Hader, located in the occupied Golan Heights. The source reported no casualties as a result of the attack, only material damages.

Prior to the strike in Qunietra, Israel’s last attack was on 27 April, when Israeli forces fired several missiles into the outskirts of Damascus, killing four members of the Syrian Arab Army and injuring three others.

In response, Syria’s foreign ministry sent a letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, saying Damascus reserves the right to respond to Israeli, Turkish, and US attacks.

However, over recent months, Tel Aviv has expressed concerns over the likelihood of continuing their attacks in Syrian territory due to their ongoing diplomatic row with Russia.

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