Jordan issues royal decree restricting Prince Hamzah’s movement and communications
King Abdullah II justified the move against his half-brother, calling him 'irresponsible' and accusing him of seeking to sow unrest in the kingdom
By News Desk - May 19 2022

(Photo credit: KHALIL MAZRAAWI/AFP via Getty Images)

Jordan’s King Abdullah II approved a royal decree on 19 May to “restrict the contacts, residence, and movements” of his half-brother, Prince Hamzah bin Hussein, who was accused last year of orchestrating an alleged sedition case that shook the Arab country.

In a statement posted on social media, the Royal Hashemite Court of Jordan said it approved this measure due to what it described as the prince’s “irresponsible” behavior, which “could cause instability in the country.”

In early April this year, Prince Hamzah renounced his title of prince and publicly apologized for his behavior.

Abdullah II said he delayed this recent measure to give Hamzah “another chance,” but finally implemented it because the former prince “continues to deny all facts and evidence, is “manipulating reality and living in an illusion,” according to the note.

“I came to the conclusion that he will never change, and my conviction was strengthened with every fact and every word,” the King noted, accusing Hamzah of “seeing himself as the one responsible for the Hashemite legacy,” referring to Jordan’s royal family.

Likewise, King Abdullah also accused the former prince of “turning away from his family for many years,” and “opting for negative behavior … and being surrounded by people who promote the opposition.”

On 3 April, Prince Hamzah bin Hussein announced the relinquishment of his royal title.

Prince Hamzah bin Hussein made the announcement on Twitter.

The statement explains that the decision was based on “current approaches, policies and methods of our institutions” that could not be reconciled with the convictions of Prince Hamzah.

But while the statement refrained from criticizing the King or other ruling elites, the move was seen as a continuation of the strained relations between Hamzah and his half-brother.

Hamzah has clashed with the Royal Hashemite Court of Jordan in the past.

In early April 2021, Jordanian authorities accused Hamzah of having had contact with external parties and carrying out “movements and activities” aimed at destabilizing the security of Jordan, for which he was placed under house arrest, state news agency Petra reported.

The State Security Court sentenced two members of the royal court to 15 years in prison after finding them guilty of “incitement against the king, carrying hostile intentions against the state and seeking to sow anarchy and sedition in the country.”

Hamzah was not charged and subsequently swore allegiance to the king.

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