Israeli forces arrest dozens during raids in the West Bank
Witnesses said that the occupation army fired live bullets and tear gas canisters during the raids
By News Desk - May 24 2022

(Photo credit: AFP)

Between 23 and 24 May, Israeli occupation forces carried out several raids across the occupied West Bank, with local reports saying over 30 Palestinians were arrested.

A correspondent for Al Mayadeen stated that on 24 May the occupation forces used rockets in their attempt to storm the outskirts of Jenin, adding that Palestinians confronted the Israeli aggression.

Witnesses said that the army fired live and metal bullets and tear gas canisters during the most recent raid.

Witnesses in Jenin claim that the occupation forces surrounded the house of Muhammad al-Tubasi, the brother of Saeed al-Tubasi, who was sentenced to 800 years due to his alleged involvement with the Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) resistance faction.

Israeli forces also made arrests in other areas in the West Bank, such as the Aqabat Jaber camp in Jericho and in Surif.

Over the past several months, Jenin has become a hub of the Palestinian resistance, as the refugee camp faces increasingly brutal raids by occupation troops.

A few days ago, Israeli occupation troops used a 16-year-old Palestinian girl as a human shield during a raid in Jenin, according to a report rights group Defense for Children International (DCI).

The incident took place when occupation forces raided the house of Ahed Mohammad Rida Mereb to arrest her 20-year-old brother.

After surrounding her house, Israeli troops ordered Ahed and her family to exit the house and stand across the street as they exchanged gunfire with her older brother, who was still inside. As bullets sprayed the Israeli military vehicle at the scene, the occupation soldiers forced Ahed to stand beside it.

“Bullets were being fired at the military vehicle from all directions … I was trembling and crying and shouting to the soldiers to remove me because the bullets were passing over my head, but one of them ordered me in Arabic through a small window in the military vehicle. [He said:] ‘Stay where you are and don’t move. You’re a terrorist,’ Ahed said.

Earlier this month, Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Aqla was deliberately targeted and shot dead by Israeli troops while covering a raid on the Jenin camp.

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