Israeli army assesses potential war with Hezbollah during drills
The military report estimates that Hezbollah could launch 1,500 missiles per day as well as carry out operations within Israel via its elite Radwan Unit
By News Desk - May 28 2022

(Photo credit: Tehran Times)

According to the military correspondent for the Hebrew newspaper Maariv, Tal Lev-Ram, in the event of war with Hezbollah, and with 1,500 missiles landing in Israel per day, 300 Israelis are likely to be killed in the first nine days of fighting.

The assessment, conducted by the occupation military, comes as part of the occupation’s largest ever military drills, named Chariots of Fire.

This week, the drills included exercises by the 162nd Division of the Israeli military in the Wadi Ara region of northern Israel, an area that has similar geographical features as the south of Lebanon.

During the exercises, the Israeli occupation forces will also practice inflicting significant damage to Lebanon’s infrastructure.

According to the Israeli newspaper, alongside Israeli deaths, the military also “thousands of Lebanese dead,” among the ranks of Hezbollah and Lebanese civilians.

Hezbollah’s short-range missiles, which according to Israeli estimates amount to around 45,000, will be able to destroy 80 sites across Israel.

The military assessment also concludes that Hezbollah’s most significant force will be its elite Radwan Unit, which according to the newspaper, will be responsible for carrying out attacks within Israeli territory in any upcoming war.

The Israeli army’s Chief of Staff, Aviv Kochavi, said in a military briefing that “the elimination of Hezbollah’s Radwan Unit requires a field incursion by the Israeli army into Lebanese territory.”

The reason, the report explains, is that this particular Hezbollah unit would be able to successfully carry out its own incursions into settlements and sites on Israel’s northern border.

During the 2006 war, the number of Israeli military targets available to Hezbollah were at 287, while today the occupation army estimates the number to be in the thousands, with the resistance group being able to hit hundreds per week.

Lev-Ram also explained that the army “expects two incidents related to hazardous materials in the city of Haifa over a three-week period, as well as the targeting of the port with precision missiles that can be fired from the Lebanese side,” as Hezbollah is capable of targeting petrochemical stations within Israel.

According to Israeli media reports earlier this month, the drills will also simulate a wide scale strike on Iran, which US forces will reportedly be joining.

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