Israeli forces kill three Palestinians in the span of 24 hours
One of the Palestinian victims was journalist Ghufran Warasneh, who was on her first day in a new job when Israeli troops shot her
By News Desk - June 02 2022

(Photo credit: EPA)

The Israeli occupation forces killed another Palestinian in a raid in the city of Bethlehem early on 2 June – the third Palestinian to be killed by Israel in the space of 24 hours.

The deceased was identified as 21-year-old Ayman Mheisen. He was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers in the refugee camp of Al-Deisha.

A day before, Palestinian citizen Bilal Kabaha was shot and killed as Israeli forces launched a raid in the village of Yabad in the West Bank.

The occupation forces had moved in to demolish the home of a Palestinian accused of carrying out a retaliatory attack that killed five people in the Tel Aviv suburb of Bnei Brak.

Hours before the murder of Kabaha, Israeli forces killed Palestinian journalist Ghufran Warasneh, marking the second time in a month that occupation troops shoot and kill a journalist.

Warasneh was shot in the chest at Al-Arroub refugee camp.

Israeli authorities claim that the journalist “advanced” towards the solders with a knife. No evidence of this was provided.

Then, for 20 minutes, Israeli forces prevented Red Crescent medics from attending to Warasneh’s fatal injuries.

Eye-witnesses told Palestinian media that Warasneh was shot while standing at an approximately two-meter distance from an Israeli soldier.

Israeli soldiers also attacked the funeral procession of Warasneh, firing tear gas canisters at mourners and attempting to block them from entering the refugee camp.

According to Palestinian news agency WAFA, over 50 Palestinian journalists have been killed since 2000, with no one ever being held responsible.

This came days after the controversial flag march led by Israeli ultranationalists. Over 25,000 settlers waving Israeli flags filled the streets of Jerusalem’s Old City on 29 May, while chanting “death to Arabs” and “Shireen is dead.”

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