Iran and Saudi Arabia ready to continue bilateral talks
Following years of tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the two have held five round of talks in Baghdad in attempt to re-establish bilateral relations
By News Desk - July 13 2022

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Tehran and Riyadh are interested in holding more talks, the Iranian foreign ministry revealed on 13 July, just ahead of US President Joe Biden’s arrival to the region.

Following years of tensions between the regional rivals, the two have held five round of talks in Baghdad, which the foreign ministry described as “promising.”

“The delay in holding the next round of Iran-Saudi talks is due to efforts to take an important step forward in the next Baghdad meeting,” the spokesman for Iran’s foreign ministry remarked.

Relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia broke down in 2016 after Iranian protesters stormed Riyadh’s embassy in Tehran following the execution of a Shia cleric in the kingdom.

On 16 June, talks were held between the Iraqi premier Mustafa Kadhimi, Iranian President Sayyed Ebrahim Raisi, and Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, who met to discuss negotiations between Saudi Arabia and Tehran.

According to the Iranian foreign minister, Iran supports the re-opening of embassies in Tehran and Riyadh.

Kadhimi relayed a message from Riyadh to Iran during his visit, but the content was not revealed.

In a joint press conference, President Raisi said that foreign presence in the region only causes problems, whereas dialogue and cooperation between neighboring countries in West Asia will lead to peace and stability.

“Dialogue among statesmen in the region will solve problems,” the Iranian president said in an emphasis on “the need for officials … in the region to negotiate to solve problems and issues with each other.”

Raisi added that Iraq is the closest nation to Iran and that their relations are among the best in various fields.

Peace in the region, Raisi said, can only occur through the proper channels of communication among countries in the region.

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