Saudi-led coalition violates ceasefire 158 times in 24 hours
Reconnaissance aircrafts belonging to the Saudi-led coalition proceeded to target residential neighborhoods and Ansarallah positions
By News Desk - August 11 2022

(Photo Credit: Getty images)

According to reports, the Saudi-led coalition has violated the UN-brokered ceasefire over 158 times in the past 24 hours, as they have launched several airstrikes on Yemen.

These violations include reconnaissance missions over the provinces of Marib, Taizz, Hajjah, Jawf, Saada, Hodeidah, and the border areas.

The report added that the reconnaissance aircrafts belonging to the Saudi-led coalition proceeded to target residential neighborhoods and positions of Yemen’s resistance movement Ansarallah.

The UN-brokered truce between the coalition and Ansarallah first came into effect in April. The truce has since been extended twice.

Earlier this month,  UN envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, announced that the extensions of the truce would run from 2 August to 2 October, also adding that both sides of the conflict must intensify negotiations in order to reach a final truce agreement.

Since the start of the temporary truce, commercial flights from Sanaa’s airport to Egypt and Jordan have resumed, and oil tankers have been able to dock in the port city of Hodeidah, despite multiple seizures from the Saudi-led coalition.

After months of violation from the coalition, on 25 July the Yemeni Supreme Political Council declared that the stipulations of the UN-brokered ceasefire must be fully implemented.

“The extension of the truce requires a commitment to pay the salaries of all employees and the resumption of all the services that were cut off by the Saudi-led coalition to increase the suffering of the Yemeni people,” the Sanaa government said in a statement.

Despite the thousands of violations of the UN-brokered truce by the Saudi-led coalition, there has been no effort to stop the violations or to reprimand the coalition for its violations.

Back in early May, a Yemeni military official told Saba news agency that the Saudi-led coalition forces committed 5,365 violations of the humanitarian and military ceasefire agreement within a month of its initiation.

The official said the violations of the Saudi-led coalition included “offensive operations, infiltration attempts, air raids, flights of warplanes, Apache and spy planes, missile and artillery targets, and extensive targeting with bullets.”

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