Netanyahu accuses Prime Minister Lapid of plunging Israel into economic crisis
The former prime minister and opposition leader has been leading in the polls as he gears for a return to power in November’s elections
By News Desk - August 22 2022

(Photo credit: Times of Israel)

Former Prime Minister and current opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu has reinforced his accusations against Prime Minister Yair Lapid of plunging the country into an economic crisis.

“The current faltering, inexperienced government has led Israel into an economic crisis that we have not seen in years,” the former prime minister said, adding that “the dinner table has become more expensive, in addition to the prices of apartments and the interest rate.”

“Unfortunately, they have no idea what to do… We knew in the past how to get Israel out of economic crises, and we will do it this time as well… After 71 days, we will form a stable government that will reduce the costs of living and prevent the economic collapse,” Netanyahu added.

Netanyahu’s government was replaced last year after Yair Lapid and former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett managed to form a ruling coalition. However, the coalition was short lived after lawmakers voted to dissolve the Knesset in a 92-0 vote.

New elections in Israel are scheduled to take place later this year in November.

Benjamin Netanyahu, however, is hoping to secure a victory and a return to power in the November elections.

On 7 August, towards the end of Israel’s violent bombardment of the Gaza Strip, Prime Minister Yair Lapid welcomed Benjamin Netanyahu into his office for a “security briefing” on the situation. According to Israeli law, the prime minister is obliged to brief the opposition leader on national security every month.

This meeting marked the first sit-down between the two since Netanyahu was unseated from power last year.

On 11 August, Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right Likud party held its first primaries since 2019, during which candidates loyal to the former prime minister swept the vote.

Although Yair Lapid secured minor gains in the polls following his government’s brutal ‘Breaking Dawn’ operation in Gaza, which critics say was launched in an attempt to secure votes, he is still behind.

According to polls released less than two weeks ago, 42 percent of Israelis are in favor of former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, according to a survey carried out by the Hebrew Channel 12 outlet.

The most recent polls suggest that Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud is expected to win around 59 seats, while Yair Lapid’s Yesh Atid party is expected to win around 55.

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