Israel troubled by Yemen’s booming military capabilities: Report
Israeli media has been trying to position Yemen as a new threat for Tel Aviv, just as its army readies for a possible conflict with Hezbollah
By News Desk - August 26 2022

(Photo credit: MOHAMMED HUWAIS/AFP via Getty Images)

Sources close to Yemen’s Ansarallah resistance movement say Israel’s allegations that its jets attacked the Yemeni capital on 7 August are “evidence” of Tel Aviv’s growing concerns about Sanaa’s military capabilities.

Last week, Israeli chief of staff Aviv Kochavi said the Israeli army struck “a third country” during their bombardment of the Gaza Strip at the start of this month.

Kochavi did not name the third country, however, Israeli media later claimed the target of the attack was the Al-Hafa military base on the Naqam Mountain, west of Sanaa, adding that the blast killed several Lebanese and Iranian operatives.

Speaking to Lebanese daily Al-Akhbar, the Yemeni sources called Tel Aviv’s claim “incorrect speculation,” and alleged that the explosion in Sanaa that day was the result of “the detonation of the remains of mines in the Al-Hafa area.”

The sources go on to say the allegations stem from Israel’s “terror over the development of Sanaa’s military capabilities.”

“Israel realizes that Yemen possesses great defensive and offensive capabilities that are capable of striking it,” Al-Akhbar’s sources say, adding: “Israeli fears of Yemeni drones and missiles have escalated since the beginning of the year.”

Ansarallah officials have often regarded Israel as the most prominent threat to Arab national security, and acknowledge that Tel Aviv has been participating in the Saudi-led aggression against Yemen.

“All Israeli movements in the region are being monitored,” the Yemeni sources claim.

As Israel prepares for a possible conflict with Lebanese resistance movement Hezbollah over control of a gas field in the Mediterranean, Hebrew media outlets have begun planting the seeds of the “danger” posed by Yemen.

According to a “high-ranking security source” that spoke with Israel’s i24NEWS, Israel is considering the possibility of opening a front in the south of the occupied territories to confront Ansarallah missiles.

The security source goes on to claim that “the real danger facing Israel lies in Yemen,” and that the possibility of Ansarallah targeting Israel “is now a reality.”

Earlier this year, the Sanaa-based National Salvation Government (NSG) banned any normalization process with Israel, and criminalized any contact with the state or its citizens.

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