Iran plans to purchase Su-35 jets from Russia
Iran seeks to develop its military capabilities just as Israel has stepped up its attacks of alleged Iranian positions in Syria
By News Desk - September 05 2022

(Photo Credit: Aarrows/Shutterstock.com)

On 4 September, the Commander of the Iranian Army’s Air Force, Brigadier General Hamid Wahidi, confirmed Iran’s plans to “purchase Su-35s from Russia.”

According to Al-Mayadeen, the Air Force chief announced in statements that his country is “working to purchase modern Su-35 jet fighters from Russia,” clarifying that “signing this deal is on [their] agenda.”

Brigadier-General Wahidi expressed his hope that “the deal will be completed soon so that Iran will obtain the modern generation of these aircraft.”

Iran participated in the Army-2022 exhibition at Patriot Expo, Kubinka Air Base, and Alabino military training grounds in Russia last month. The exhibition, which displays armies’ modern military capabilities, revealed three of Iran’s newest drones this year. 

The International Military-Technical Forum, Army-2022, is organized by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and combines the exhibition and dynamic demonstration of military equipment capabilities with an extensive congress program, as well as the participation of an international audience represented by foreign exhibitors, delegations, and visitors.

A few days ago, the Commander of the Air Defense Forces in the Iranian Army, Ali Reza Sabahifard, said the Islamic Republic is looking for lasting peace and friendship in the region and the world. However, he also emphasized the air defense’s readiness to face all kinds of threats.

Sabahifard’s comment came during a meeting with foreign military advisors in Iran, while referring to some of the defense force’s recent achievements in radar and missile systems.

“The air defense forces, which possess the latest equipment that keeps pace with global technology, survey thousands of kilometers beyond the borders and monitor movements to take decisive action.” General Fard stated.

According to Sabahifard, the Iran relies on its local expertise in defense equipment, and has reached a level of progress that allows exporting its equipment to any country.

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