ISIS claims responsibility for bombing near Russian embassy in Kabul
This is the first time a foreign mission was targeted in Afghanistan directly, since the Taliban regained power in 2021
By News Desk - September 05 2022

Photo credit: REUTERS

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Kabul, which claimed the lives of two Russian diplomats and at least four Afghan civilians on 5 September.

The suicide attack targeted the entrance of the consular section, where Afghan citizens were waiting on news about their visas.

According to Russian news agency Ria Novosti, the explosion occurred when one of the Diplomats emerged from the building to call out the names of the visa candidates.

There have been several terror attacks since the Taliban took power from the Western-backed government in Kabul in 2021, all of them targeted positions or locations of the Taliban. This was the first recorded attack on a foreign mission.

The Kremlin also said an investigation with local authorities has been launched.

Initial reports by Reuters claim that embassy security spotted the suicide bomber and fired shots at him before he blew himself up, possibly avoiding more deaths as a result.

Russia is just one of a handful of nations that has maintained its diplomatic presence in Afghanistan since the take-over of the Taliban.

Despite not recognizing the Taliban officially, the Kremlin has been in talks to supply fuel to the country in exchange for minerals, dried fruits, and medicinal herbs.

Afghanistan is suffering from a severe economic and humanitarian crisis due to sanctions, a lack of cooperation with the Taliban, and the US blocking the Central Bank’s access to more than $7 billion.

On August 10, more than 70 recognized international economists signed an open letter to US President Joe Biden, demanding to promptly return the $7 billion to Afghanistan, to avoid further suffering to the population.

In addition, the country has also been struck by natural catastrophes. On Monday morning, the country was hit by a severe earthquake, which resulted in several deaths and injuries in Afghanistan’s Kunar province.

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