Israel strikes Aleppo airport for second time in a week
Israel has violated Syrian sovereignty for years, targeting what it describes as "Iranian-backed forces" deployed in Syria during the 11-year long war
By News Desk - September 06 2022

(Photo Credit: Israeli Air Force/Amit Agronov)

On 6 September, Israeli warplanes launched a renewed missile attack on the Aleppo International Airport for the second time in just a week.

Syrian air defense systems in Latakia intercepted some of the incoming missiles resulting in loud explosions across the affected region.

The attack on Aleppo International Airport happened at around 8:16 pm local time, resulting in material damage, according to a military source. The strikes targeted the runway of the airport, rendering the facility out of service.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that explosions were heard near the Al-Malikiyah neighborhood close to Aleppo International Airport, allegedly targeting an Iranian military warehouse.

“The Israeli missiles also targeted the runway of Aleppo International Airport and the vicinity of the airport with at least two missiles, which led to significant material damage,” SOHR reported.

Following the attack, Cham Wings Airlines said all flights would be transferred from Aleppo Airport to Damascus International Airport, noting that free bus services would be provided from Aleppo to Damascus Airport and vice versa.

On 1 September, the Israeli air force launched a missile strike targeting Aleppo International Airport and the Damascus International Airport around the same time.

The airport resumed work on 3 September, when a civilian airliner landed from Kuwait.

Last week, Syria called on the United Nations and the Security Council to condemn the “Israeli attacks” on its territory, considering that the attacks represent a “violation of sovereignty and a direct threat to regional and international peace and security.”

On 25 August, Israel struck sites allegedly held by Iran-linked militias in Syria. The attacks were considered some of the most violent yet, resulting in casualties in the vicinity of Hama and Tartus (central and western), according to the UK-based observatory.

Israel has recently stepped up its attacks in Syria in an attempt to steer tensions with Iran during to prevent a new Iran nuclear deal agreement.


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