Iran achieves self-sufficiency in drone technology
The US believes some of the drones produced in Iran will soon be used by the Russian Federation in Ukraine, but Iran reiterated that it does not intend to help either side in the conflict
By News Desk - September 09 2022

Tehran drone’s industry has become self-sufficient in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) according to Airforce Commander. (Photo credit: Fars News Agency/Twitter).


Brigadier General Hamid Wahidi, Airforce Commander of the Islamic Republic of Iran, stated that the nation has fully achieved self-sufficiency in the production of Unmanned Aerial vehicles (UAV) and that the country intends to continue on its path to further produce and develope the technology. 

During a visit on 8 September to Shahid Fakouri in Tabriz, in the East Azerbaijan province, Hamid Wahidi confirmed that the Iranian Airforce had developed two sophisticated drones, “Kaman 12” and “Kaman 22”, making significant progress in their production.

According to the Brigadier General, the Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the leading nations in the area regarding the production of sophisticated UAVs, and their capability is growing daily.

“We firmly announce to all the neighboring countries that with the country’s defense doctrine, we have no expectations of any other country in terms of defense,” he added.

Wahidi also claimed that Iran is “progressing well on the international stage both scientifically and technologically and is ready to give a crushing response to the enemy which stood against the country.”

According to Fars News Agency, Iran has advanced significantly in developing numerous missiles and drones, and it is now able to export these weapons to other nations.

This month, Major General Mohammad Hossein Bagheri, Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, issued a warning about the US deployment of unmanned vessels in collaboration with Saudi Arabia, Israel, and other West Asian countries to counter Iran’s sphere of influence in the Persian Gulf. “The armed forces’ response to vessels wandering in open waters will be decisive,” he said.  

Reportedly, Air Force Commander Wahidi stated that Iran is “working to purchase modern Su-35 jets from Russia,” confirming that “signing this deal is on [their] agenda.”

However, the officials from the Islamic Republic have emphasized time and time again that the nation will not hold back on enhancing its military capabilities, particularly its drone and missile power, which are only intended for defense.

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