Netanyahu accuses Israeli PM of folding in the face of Hezbollah threats
Netanyahu released a video on Twitter accusing Yair Lapid of giving up disputed territory to Lebanon
By News Desk - September 21 2022

(Photo Credit: Ronen Zvulun/Pool via AP)

As the maritime border negotiations are nearing their final stages, Netanyahu released a video on Twitter saying that Yair Lapid has utterly retreated in the face of Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah’s threats.

The former Israeli PM said that Lapid panicked about Nasrallah, adding that “Lapid wants to hand over the gas Lebanon, a gas field worth billions of dollars that would serve Hezbollah in obtaining thousands of rockets which eventually will be directed towards Israel.”

Netanyahu said Nasrallah threatened to attack Israel “if we operate the Karish gas field before we sign a gas agreement with Lebanon.”

Additionally, he demanded his supporters assist him in bringing his Likud political party back in power to ‘replace’ the outgoing Israeli government.

“With your assistance, on 1 November, the Likud under my leadership will replace Lapid’s weak and dangerous government with a stable right-wing government for the next four years. A government that restores security and national dignity to Israel,” The Israeli official added.

In light of this event, Netanyahu’s Likud bloc managed to gain the upper hand in two election polls published on Israel’s Channel 12 and Channel 13 on 16 September, which reached 60 seats with a seat remaining to gain the majority. In contrast, the current coalition bloc stood at 56.

A few days ago, Nasrallah stressed that oil and gas extraction from the Karish field cannot be allowed until Lebanon obtains its demands, noting that this is a “red line.”

Moreover, the Secretary General revealed that Hezbollah sent a powerful indirect message that the occupation forces are in trouble if they begin extraction from the Karish field before Lebanon obtains its rightful demands.

Israel has made concessions to Lebanon by demarcating the borders to ward off the danger of escalation, according to Amos Yadlin, the former head of the Military Intelligence Directorate.

Notwithstanding the reports of reaching a fruitful deal for the gas conflicting parties, Amos Hochstein, the US diplomat mediating the talks, is still awaiting feedback before preparing his proposal, which Lebanon insisted be in writing.

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