Pro-Palestinian activists, students in Canada face harassment: report
The report contains 77 testimonies and accounts of Pro-Palestinian activists who have faced harassment and threats from the pro-Israeli opposition
By News Desk - October 13 2022

(Photo Credit: The Canadian Press)

Several activists, academics and students in Canada have been facing constant harassment over their pro-Palestinian views, according to a new report by the Independent Jewish Voices (IJV).

“When it comes to Palestinian human rights, too often academic freedom and freedom of expression are undermined…and with them the possibility of finding just solutions to intractable problems,” the report said.

The report named ,”Unveiling the Chilly Climate” highlights the various examples of individuals who have been suppressed for voicing their concerns over the continuous aggression of Tel Aviv’s government.

This document examines Palestinian who have attempted to alter certain policies by both their support for the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement, and their opposition to the adoption of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), which is currently working on the definition of antisemitism.

The report states that there is a clear connection between the attacks by pro-Israel advocacy groups to market the IHRA.

While the report primarily covers examples in Canada, similar events happen in Europe and include 77 different testimonies that elaborate on the personal impacts of people harassed by sympathizers of the Israeli government.

Last week, Palestinian photojournalist Hosam Salam was fired from the New York Times over social media posts supporting Palestinian resistance factions against the Israeli occupation.

The freelance journalist was dismissed after a pro-Israeli organization alerted the publication of Salam’s previous Facebook posts in which he had expressed support for Palestinian resistance.

Salem claims that the Israeli lobby organization Honest Reporting exists to deliberately sabotage the Palestinian narrative in the West, essentially discrediting him and two other Palestinian colleagues.

Back in early September, Amazon and Google employees held a rally against their companies’ recent $1.2 billion-dollar contract with Israel.

The rally was referred to as a “Day of Action,” with the social movement demanding the cancellation of the Project Nimbus contract over Israel’s constant human rights violations.

Project Nimbus’ provides Tel Aviv with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning tools, which raises concerns over increased human rights abuses in occupied Palestine.

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