EU prepares new sanction package against Iran
The new round of sanctions will not only be limited to blacklisting a few individuals, should Tehran's involvement in the war in Ukraine be proven
By News Desk - October 17 2022

(Photo Credit: Bildagentur-Online)

The EU is preparing to implement further sanctions on Iran on 17 October, over alleged human rights violations during its crackdown on nationwide protests, and its involvement in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Several EU ministers are set to freeze assets and impose travel restrictions on 15 Iranian nationals involved in Tehran’s crackdown on the riots sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini.

Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock told reporters that Berlin is set to launch an extra sanction package against Iran and hold those accountable for their crimes, further adding that the Morality Police will also be heavily sanctioned by the EU.

She additionally warned that this new round of sanctions will not be limited to blacklisting only a few individuals, should Tehran’s involvement in the war in Ukraine be proven.

Two days prior, it was announced that EU foreign ministers are set to discuss future sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran over its drone deliveries to Russia.

Earlier last week, Iran reportedly sent a letter to EU diplomats, urging them to abandon sanctions against Tehran, warning them that the survival of Iran-EU relations hangs in the balance.

“If Europe misses taking the nuances of the current situation into consideration, the ramifications will be grave and the bilateral relations may not survive it,” a letter sent to a group of EU ambassadors reads, according to Politico.

In mid-September, Iranian drones were spotted for the first time in Ukraine, as a Ukrainian officer known as ‘Максим’ — who serves in an engineering and bomb disposal unit — revealed photos of the wreckage of an Iranian suicide drone that was used in the Kupyansk region.

Other sightings of Iranian drones have been reported over the past several weeks, with photos and videos surfacing on social media platforms, despite Tehran’s official denial of providing any military support to Russia.

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