Israeli army turns activist’s house into military zone to silence him
Despite being acquitted by the Israeli court dozens of times, the Israeli army continues to harass Issa Amro in a bid to silence him
By News Desk - November 04 2022

Israeli army soldiers assaulting Palestinian activist Issa Amro in Hebron, West Bank on 23 February 2018 (Photo Credit: Mussa Qawasma via Reuters)

In a statement posted on Twitter, Palestinian activist Issa Amro tweeted that the Israeli army cordoned off his house in a bid to silence him, and eventually, end his efforts in documenting their violations.

“They don’t want me to speak to foreign and Israeli audiences about the apartheid and the Israeli occupation,” Amro said.

Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported that army Brigade Commander, Yehuda Yishai Rozolio, has taken the decision to turn Amro’s house into a closed military zone, barring everyone except Amro from entering the compound.

The decision also targets the “Youth Against Settlements” activist group that operates from Amro’s house. The organization plays an instrumental role in rallying locals to participate in non-violent protests and civil disobedience.

In response to the decision by the Israeli army, lawyer Michael Sfard will represent Amro at an Israeli court to request a criminal investigation into this decision and the abuse of power by Rozolio.

“The order is so arbitrary that there is no doubt that [it was not the product of] good faith. It was not directed at the person who has been disturbing the peace and was meant to satisfy the thugs who had initiated the attacks and friction,” Sfard said in a statement delivered to the Israeli army.

The lawyer accuses the Israeli army of punishing Amro unfairly, while allowing the settlers, who have been the ones behind the disturbance of peace in Hebron, to roam undeterred.

Sfard noted that the settlers have attacked Amro and his house on several occasions, all documented on CCTV footage, while the army has time and time again failed to protect him or deter them.

Sfard added that the decision is illegal, even according to the ‘twisted’ standards of Israel’s judicial system in the occupied territories of the West Bank.

Earlier on 26 September, Amro voiced his concern regarding the new remote-controlled weapon system at the Shuhada Street checkpoint in Hebron. Over 300 families pass through there daily.

“There is no security need to install this automatic weapon, the area is well protected with all means. There is no violence,” Amro argued.

He added that he is concerned about the malfunction of the weapon, and the implications this could have on vulnerable elderly, women, and children.

“People are terrified,” stresses Amro, who openly accuses Israeli military firms of using Palestinians as ‘guinea pigs’ to test the new weapons.

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