‘Iran wants to sell oil to India’: Ambassador
The Iranian Embassy in New Delhi organized a condolence prayer session to commemorate the victims of ISIS attacks in Shah Cheragh
By News Desk - November 05 2022

(Photo Credit: ANI News)

The Iranian Ambassador to India, Iraj Elahi, said in an exclusive interview with Asian News International (ANI) that despite US sanctions, Tehran is ready to supply oil to India as both countries have close ties.

Speaking to ANI on 4 November, Elahi said, “we always express our readiness to increase our economic ties with India. It’s up to India. We are ready to deliver oil. Independence of Iran is the best guarantee for India.”

Iran was among India’s top three energy suppliers until May 2019, when the country stopped purchasing Iranian crude due to the threat of secondary sanctions imposed by the US government.

“The Iranian government has strong ties and close cooperation with India against terrorist groups, and we hope to enforce that cooperation.” the Iranian diplomat said.

He described the embargoes imposed on Tehran as an obstacle, saying, “India and Iran should find a way to solve this problem according to their national interests and not according to illegal US sanctions. We want to sell oil to India and buy what we need from India.”


Elahi called for joint efforts by countries in the region to combat ISIS in the aftermath of the group’s attack on the Shia shrine of Shah Cherag in Shiraz city in October. Elahi, who presented his credentials last month, said the extremist group posed a threat to the entire region.

Back on 26 October, at least 15 people and dozens more were injured after three ISIS gunmen opened fire on worshipers at a pilgrimage site in Iran’s city of Shiraz.

Earlier this year, Iran announced that the security forces succeeded in capturing ten militants linked to ISIS. According to Iran’s Ministry of Intelligence, the suspects planned to carry out terrorist attacks on religious gatherings.

Iran has recently transformed from a country subject to economic sanctions to one that imposes sanctions on the largest countries in the world.

On 3 November, the Islamic republic imposed sanctions on eight Canadian officials and one institution over their alleged ties in support of the Mujahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO). An anti-Iran terrorist group responsible for the deaths of 17000 people since 1979.

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