Iran’s Reformist Party seek referendum to end ‘crisis’ over protests
Iran also announced that the country would file a direct lawsuit against the US for its direct involvement in the unrest
By News Desk - November 09 2022

(Photo credit: AP)

On 9 November, Iran’s Reform Front called on authorities to organize a referendum to end a “crisis” that has emerged from nationwide protests, sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini, according to Alarabiya news.

“The Iranian Reform Front demands immediate, courageous and innovative changes” in order to open an “effective dialogue on a national scale,” the statement reads.

The Reform Front argues that a referendum would be possibly based on “Article 59” in Iran’s constitution.

According to the article, the constitution allows to “hold a public referendum and direct reference to the votes of the people,” and only requires the approval of one-third of the members of the Islamic Consultative Assembly.

Meanwhile, the Iranian Minister of Security, Ismail Khatib, said on 9 November that before the riots broke out, Iran had arrested officers working for foreign intelligence services, especially the French security service, according to reports published by Al-Mayadeen.

In statements published on the website of the Iranian Supreme Leader’s office, Khatib expressed his country’s confidence that “the anti-Iranian elements and the enemy’s intelligence services are unable to provoke massive and comprehensive riots.”

Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi went on a live interview late on 28 September to address the nation directly about recent achievements in the field of cooperation with other states, and attempts by Iran’s “enemies” to destabilize the country, following nationwide protests sparked by the death of Masha Amini after her detention by the Moral Security Police.

Raisi highlighted that the death of Amini has “saddened” everyone in Iran, but added that the event was used by Iran’s enemies to sow discord among its people.

“We all are saddened by this tragic incident … (however) chaos is unacceptable,” the president said in the interview with state TV.

“The government’s red line is our people’s security … One cannot allow people to disturb the peace of society through riots,” Raisi added.

Amini’s death on 13 September sparked nationwide protests across 80 cities in Iran. According to state media, 41 people have been killed in the violence since, including members of the police and pro-government militias.

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