Iran will not compromise national security, in talks with Iraq over Kurdish separatists
Despite Iran reaffirming its respect for Iraq's territorial integrity, Baghdad has condemned Tehran for its operation in the country's Kurdish region
By News Desk - November 22 2022

(Photo Credit: Getty Images)

On 22 November, the Iranian ambassador to Iraq, Mohammad Kazem Alesadeq, reaffirmed that Iran would not compromise its national security during talks with the central government in Baghdad. 

The ambassador added that despite attacks on Iran’s military centers in Iraq’s Kurdistan Region (IKR), the central and Kurdish governments failed to help prevent further assaults on the Iranian military.

Alesadeq referred to recent talks between the Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC ), General Esmail Qaani, and Iraqi officials, who stressed Iran’s support to help Iraq resolve its security crisis.

When asked about Iran’s advances in the IKR, the ambassador said that Tehran respects Iraq’s sovereignty and is carrying out measures to ensure national stability.

However, a day prior, Baghdad condemned Iranian missile and drone attacks in its northern region after the IRGC launched an attack on the headquarters of separatist groups.

Despite Iraq’s repeated condemnations of the Iranian offensive against Kurdish militant groups, several Iraqi officials describe the IKR as a “hub” for foreign intelligence operations.

During a visit earlier this month,  Qaani warned Iraq that if the military fails to fortify its shared border with Iran, Baghdad should expect a ground military operation in the country’s north.

The statement followed several reports of alleged weapons-smuggling operations across the shared Iraqi-Iranian border.

In recent days, Kurdish separatist armed groups clashed with Iranian security forces in the city of Javanrud on 22 November.

The armed separatists and rioters reportedly tried to erect barricades and occupy parts of the city after several days of violent provocations.

According to Mehr News Agency, the armed rioters had caused severe damage to public property.

The night before, on 21 November, rioters set fire to two houses belonging to military personnel while women and children were present inside.

Armed attacks by rioters have been rising across the country, and conflicting reports and narratives continue to emerge as reality remains unclear.

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