Azerbaijan will not allow Israel to attack Iran from its soil
The Azeri ambassador to the US said Israel's incoming government will not impact Baku's relations with other nations
By News Desk - December 16 2022

(Photo Credit: AP)

Azeri Ambassador to the US Khazar Ibrahim informed Israeli media on 16 December that Baku would not allow Tel Aviv to attack Iran from its soil.

Ibrahim remarkedthat Israel’s incoming government, led by Likud Party leader Benjamin Netanyahu, will have no impact on Azeri relations with regional nations and its decision-making on UN-related votes.

Azerbaijan disclosed this information following months of speculation that Israel would use Baku to launch coordinated attacks against Iranian nuclear facilities.

However, Ibrahim stressed that despite its recent decision to prevent Israel from using its soil to attack Iran, Baku remains positive on maintaining relations with Tel Aviv and will support Israel during UN forums on various issues.

Despite Baku’s denial of the recent allegations, last month, it announced its parliament’s approval of opening an embassy in Israel.

Baku already has a Tourism Office and a Trade Representative Office. Israel and Azerbaijan have had relations for 30 years, and there has been an Israeli embassy in Baku since 1993.

Back in October, Azerbaijan warmly welcomed Israel’s outgoing Defense Minister Benny Gantz to bolster and discuss defense cooperation.

This meeting came shortly after renewed clashes between Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Gantz and the Azeri representatives also highlighted the importance of holding joint military exercises in the future to increase the “level of professionalism of military personnel.”

Israel and Turkiye are both supporters of Azerbaijan, providing military equipment and weapons to Azerbaijan’s armed forces.

In addition, Iran is a direct neighbor of Azerbaijan and their shared border is used to smuggle weapons to militant groups operating inside the Islamic Republic during a period of recent instability.


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