Large explosions rock Syria’s Al-Omar oilfield in latest attack on US base
According to local sources, the explosions were heard by residents in every village of the area, suggesting that the attack may have been larger than usual
By News Desk - December 18 2022

(Photo credit: AFP)

The military base in the US-occupied Al-Omar oilfield, in Syria’s eastern governorate of Deir Ezzor, once again came under attack late on 17 December, Russian media reported.

According to some reports, the base was targeted by missiles, while others claim that it was a drone attack. Large explosions were heard coming from the base, and local sources were quoted by Sputnik as saying that the explosions were heard in every village of the region, suggesting that this particular attack is larger than usual.

US drones and warplanes were then seen heavily patrolling the skies in the aftermath of the explosions. The sources added that potential damages in the base, or casualties and injuries to military personnel, have yet to be announced. US Central Command (CENTCOM) has not yet released a statement about the attack, as is usually the case.

So far, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack – although attacks of this sort are usually attributed to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) or groups linked to it.

The US base in the Al-Omar oilfield is regularly subject to attacks, the last of which took place on 23 November. The base also fell under attack on 17 November.

Other US bases in Syria are constantly attacked as well. At the end of last month, US military patrol base in Al-Shaddadi, south of Syria’s northeastern Hasakah governorate, was targeted by two Katyusha missiles.

Such attacks have been on the rise over the past year, and signify growing discontent with Washington’s illegal military presence in the country. The US occupation centers around the plundering of Syrian natural resources under the guise of confronting ISIS.

Despite the growing discontent, the US has recently expressed that it has no plans to withdraw from Syria or end its draconian sanction policy against Damascus. Given Washington’s stance, it is expected that attacks against US forces in Syria will increase.

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