Jordanian lawmaker denounces corruption, calls on Saudi Arabia to halt aid deliveries
Jordan has been gripped by street protests in recent days caused by skyrocketing fuel prices and a lack of job opportunities
By News Desk - December 24 2022

(Photo credit: Reuters)

A Jordanian lawmaker urged Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to stop the help being delivered to Amman on 22 December.

Representative Muhammad Enad al- Fayez sent a message to the office of the Saudi Crown Prince, in which he said: “You have never hesitated to stand with Jordan and extend a helping hand to it until it has become as if it was a duty imposed by your kind generosity and your sincere and noble fear.”

“We hear about aid to the state, but it only goes to a corrupt class that gets richer at the expense of the dignity of the proud Jordanian. All Saudi royal aid is mobilized at the expense of the dignity of the Jordanian people, and they donate it to preserve the honor of Arabs and Muslims in every country it reaches, except for Jordan, which reaches the pockets of those who rule … The decision is for a corrupt group, and the Jordanian people have become their means of livelihood,” he added.

Al-Fayez continued in his message: “I wanted the land of glory, and the Jordanian is pride, pride, dignity, and magnanimity. You know in your own conviction who he is, so they do not depict Jordan as a torn basket for you, and they do not send messages of begging and begging, nor a visit that is more like shyness, because everything that comes will go without entering the homeland.”

The letter was sent last week, just as Jordanian Prime Minister Bishr al-Khasawneh was visiting Riyadh. Neither the Parliamentary Presidency nor the government has commented on the letter to the Saudi Crown Prince.

Trust in the government among Jordanians reached unprecedented lows this year and is now 41 points worse than before the Arab Spring uprisings, according to a 2022 research by Arab Barometer.

Nearly two-thirds of Jordanians see the country’s economy as its most pressing issue, as the nation grapples with skyrocketing living expenses and the inability to offer many young people jobs. As state resources run thin, Jordan’s customary government contract, which involved the ruling Hashemite family giving the nation’s tribes patronage positions, has broken down.

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