Ansarallah seeks ‘permanent ceasefire’ in Yemen
Oman is leading a mediation effort to find a political solution to end the eight-year long war
By News Desk - January 01 2023

File image: Supporters of Yemen’s Ansarallah resistance movement attend a rally, marking the sixth anniversary of the Saudi-led coalition’s invasion of Yemen, in the capital Sanaa on 26 March, 2021. (Photo credit: Mohammed Huwais / AFP)

Yemen’s Ansarallah movement seeks a “permanent ceasefire,” according to a spokesperson of the resistance group.

Mohammed Abdel Salam, a spokesperson of the Ansarallah movement, said on 1 January that a permanent ceasefire would require the opening of all ports, airports, and roads, and that all government wages are paid from oil and gas revenues.

“We are working to reach a point of clarity in Yemen, in which we move into either a truce or permanent ceasefire, and we have presented our point of view to the Omani mediator,” he said to Almasirah TV station.

“Any solution to Yemen’s crisis must be based on the disbursement of [government] employees’ salaries from oil and gas revenues according to the 2014 budget,” he added.

Meanwhile, an official delegation from the Sultanate of Oman landed in the Yemeni capital Sanaa on 21 December as part of Muscat’s mediation efforts to reach a political solution to the Saudi-led war that has been raging for nearly eight years.

No further details were provided about the meeting, nearly three months after a UN-brokered ceasefire between Sanaa and Riyadh ended.

Since then, Oman has been mediating talks between Saudi and Yemeni officials seeking to end a war that has killed nearly 400,000 Yemenis and pushed the rest of the population into famine.

Since 2015, Yemen has suffered a brutal Saudi-led war and economic blockade that has killed and displaced millions, and destroyed the country’s infrastructure. On top of this, western NGOs have been accused of mishandling billions of dollars in humanitarian aid for Yemenis.

Yemeni officials have also cautioned that US and French troops deployed in provinces controlled by the Saudi-led coalition have arrived to coordinate the looting of Yemen’s natural resources, similar to Washington’s oil trafficking operations in Syria.

The White House’s latest pro-war scheme comes at a time when the Pentagon is expected to receive its highest annual budget ever, as defense spending in the US is on track to reach $1 trillion annually before the decade is out.

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