US base in Syria struck as Washington loots more oil, wheat
On the same day, US forces carried out yet another oil and wheat smuggling operation, transporting over 60 trucks and tankers over to its bases in Iraq
By News Desk - January 05 2023

(Photo credit: Baderkhan Ahmad/AP)

The military base in the Conoco gas field, in Syria’s eastern city of Deir Ezzor, came under heavy rocket fire on 4 January, Russian media reported.

According to local sources, at least 10 rockets successfully targeted the US facility. Sirens were activated and several ambulances were seen entering the base as plumes of smoke and fire engulfed the base.

Warplanes and reconnaissance drones were then reported to have heavily patrolled the skies following the attack, as US occupation troops proceeded to close off all roads leading to the base.

US Central Command (CENTCOM) released a statement claiming no injuries to US personnel or any material damages to the base.

This was the third attack on a US military base in Syria within slightly over two weeks, the last two taking place on 17 December and 30 December in the Al-Omar oilfield. Following both, CENTCOM failed to release a statement, as they usually do after such incidents.

Additionally, the last two attacks were reported to have been larger than usual, with the one on 30 December targeting the Al-Omar base’s housing facility. At the time, local sources suggested that there “were [most likely] casualties among the American forces,” and that this was the largest attack ‘of its kind.’ Yesterday’s attack was also reported to have been larger than usual.

On the same day, US troops were simultaneously carrying out yet another looting and smuggling operation, illegally making their way to bases in Iraq carrying over 60 trucks and tankers of stolen wheat and oil.

Coinciding with this was a statement released by the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, renewing the call for an immediate withdrawal of US forces from the country – something Washington has expressed complete reluctance over.

As Washington bolsters its occupation of northern Syria and continues its systematic campaign of looting the country’s natural resources, it is possible that attacks against US bases in Syria will not only become more frequent but also larger, more intense, and more likely to result in casualties.

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